Friday, October 27, 2017

3 articles

The Acccuweather article was really interesting. Acccuweather was sharing its users data with a 3rd party company to make money. even if you opted to turn off location services on the app. which is really creepy that they can still do it. Acccuweather sells our data to stay in business to people that create ads. Accuweather said that they will fix the problem. but there isn't anything wrong they just need to stop sharing our data

My thoughts:
I found this really interesting because, I had no idea companies could do this if you opted out of location services. it makes me feel a little uncomfortable. I always think that the fact that Accuweather themselves addressed this like it was a problem on them when they were selling our info. The only way to fix it is to stop doing it. I always had a feeling that apps or games probably had data from us but I didn't think companies would sell it.

the 1,000 article was scary. People could pay a grand for ads and then figure out your location. you could figure out the weirdest things. like where the person is interests apps they use etc,  they were able to pinpoint someones location by 8 meters while using the ads. the only ways to disrupt this are changing phone id and turning off all location services. but they said they could deploy a bot to find this people who are just using it the wrong way like tracking people.

My thoughts:
this one didn't really scare me as much as the other. My location services are turned off on 3rd party apps. This was very interesting though. It seems like the whole world is progressing so quick with technology and now advertisers can figure out our interests or where we are. I hope things like this will be banned and illegal. I don't get why an advertiser would need to know where you are

The 3rd article was all about when to use location services and when not too. they also talked about all the new ways to find people like the new snap map. Now in apple you can share where you are at all times google has does it now too. The times when you should share your location services and send them is when your meeting someone. you shouldn't share it with a bunch of people.

My thoughts:
I knew about this stuff. used it a lot over the summer. I always have my location shared with my closet friends. only like 3-4 people. Most of the time i will just share it for an hour if its someone i'm not great friends with. I think snap chat map is the creepiest it tells you when the person is driving sleeping and listening to music. plus a lot of people have over 200 friends on their so there a lot that could go wrong.

Thursday, October 5, 2017


You have everything in one place
if something were to happen to you people could find you or learn background info
don't need credit cards anymore
worry about losing your money

people could be able to track you whenever they want little creepy
Cant get a MRI
little crimes you do might not be able to get away with it
if someone were to hack it your life would probably be over

I Think this idea is really bad. I understand crime rates may go down and people will feel safer but a lot could go wrong with these chips and if it were to it could ruin someones life. Some of it is a little pointless like, knowing how many times we have gone to bathroom/ taken a break no one needs that. I predict that this idea will fail or no one will buy into this idea. It sounds cool now but im sure after people have it and try it the fad will be over.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Xbox One

The Xbox one by Microsoft is a gaming system that allows you to access the internet and play games online with other people. The Xbox one is a black 3 dimensional box. It has a led power button and a disk tray for games or movies. It uses electronic data processing. It using data from the cloud to process the games downloaded onto your Xbox. The system also has an external power brick to make it easier for a single design to deal with power needs from different countries. After the processing the Xbox will display a home screen on the TV that allows you to surf the internet, play games, and use streaming services. Xbox uses online internet to allow you to play with others online and chat with friends or just random people. The Xbox one using a CPU like a computer therefore it must be one. It gets updated regularly and occasionally Microsoft will change the layout of the OS like when they come out with Windows 10. The new Xbox one X is coming out this year and is supposed to be able to run games in 4k compared to 1080p.

Sunday, September 17, 2017


1 wake up
2 go in shower
3 brush teeth
4 brush hair
5 put on underwear
6 check temperature of weather on your phone
7  if its cold
8       put on pants
9       put on sweatshirt
10 if its hot
11     put on shorts
12     put on t-shirt
13 use deodorant
14 spray cologne
15 go to school